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Things to Consider Before House Repainting

House repainting is a common way of updating the exterior of your home, as well as adding a personal touch to your property. The benefits of repainting your house include a fresh new look for your house, as well as protecting it from damage. However, there are several factors that you should consider before you make the decision to have your house repainted.

Cost per square foot

The cost per square foot of house painting varies based on a few factors. This includes the size of the house, it’s paintable area, prep work, and the quality of the paint. A two-story home can cost as much as 50% more than a one-story home. In addition, painting a two-story home will require additional equipment, which means more setup time and cleanup time.

To determine the cost per square foot, you must first calculate the exterior square footage of your house. Once you know the area, you can divide that number by the height of your house. If the paint job is on a complicated, curved, or uneven surface, you may need to use more paint. Also, if you are painting a dark-colored house, you may need to use a tinted primer.

Quality of paint

When you are painting a house, the quality of paint that you use can make a big difference. You don’t want to use cheap paint, because it will not give you the long-lasting paint job that you want. Knowing what to look for in paint will also save you money.

A good paint contains a high-quality pigment and a high-quality binder. This type of pigment can also provide excellent hiding power. This pigment is found naturally in the earth’s crust. However, it is only mined a few places in the United States. Higher-quality paint will also have more titanium dioxide in its composition. A lower-quality paint will have less titanium dioxide, and more cheaper fillers.


Whether you’re painting the walls of a small room or the entire house, there are several techniques that can help you achieve the desired effect. One of these is color washing, which involves applying two colors to the same surface. It works best if the colors match and are complementary. Mismatched colors can result in an uneven finish, which can look unsightly. For this technique, you’ll need a semi-gloss base coat and a brush or sponge. After this, you’ll want to wipe the area to make it look smooth and free of greasy stains. For a more elegant effect, you may choose to add a glaze to the top layer. This will keep the top layer of paint wet longer and thin out the area.

Professional painters use specific techniques to achieve high-quality paintwork. Homeowners can use these techniques to make their homes look their best. Using stencils is an effective way to create a unique space. Stencils can be applied directly to the walls to create complex paint designs.

Safety concerns

Whether you are painting your own home or hiring an outside company, there are some safety concerns you should be aware of. For one, conventional paints contain harmful chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds. These chemicals can cause serious health effects. They are especially hazardous to infants and young children, so you should be extra cautious. To avoid these risks, you should look for paint that is zero VOC, or non-toxic.

Also, be aware of the potential hazards of paint spills. If you are painting a second story, there is a chance that paint will drip, and this could hurt you or those below. Make sure that you warn anyone below before painting the second story, and make sure that you clean up any spills right away. It is also important to remember that paint cans can be dangerous, so be very careful when handling them.

Hire a contractor

Before hiring a painting contractor, take some time to research the company and the type of work they typically do. Look for painters who are well trained, have completed multiple projects, and have a reputation for doing quality work. Additionally, be sure to ask about the painters’ credentials, which should include a valid license and appropriate training from a technical school. A professional handyman in St. Petersburg can give you superior advice on color and paint choice, so it’s important to make sure they are knowledgeable in the craft of house painting.

You should also ask about materials used and the scope of work the contractor plans to complete. Make sure that the materials used are high-quality, durable, and will last. Cheap paints and materials may not have the effect you want, and they may cause damage that may not be repaired properly. Additionally, be sure to ask about what preparations the painter will make prior to beginning the project. Repairing any damage before starting painting will help ensure that the finished product is smooth and durable.