Teeth Cleaning & Whitening – Make Your Smile Shine Again!

Teeth Cleaning  Whitening

Having bright, white teeth is an attractive feature that can enhance your appearance and improve your confidence. But over time, the natural aging process, medication and illness can cause your teeth to become discolored or dull. A professional Sarasota teeth whitening procedure is the best way to restore your smile and make it shine again!

We have many ways to give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile. From in-office treatments like Zoom! to take-home trays for home teeth whitening, we can provide you with the treatments that work best for your needs.

Before we can perform a professional teeth whitening treatment, it’s important that we evaluate your dental health and take a look at your lifestyle habits. For example, if you have gum disease, we may recommend a different type of whitening than if you don’t have any periodontal issues.

Our dentist will also examine your gums for a healthy mouth and remove any plaque build-up that has formed there. Plaque is a film of bacteria that forms on the surface of your teeth and can lead to serious oral health problems, including tooth decay and gum disease.

Regular dental visits are essential to preventing gum disease and other oral health problems, as well as keeping your teeth and smile looking their very best. It’s also the best way to keep your smile free from stains and other problems that could result in dental restorations such as crowns, veneers or bridges. Visit for guidance and free consultation.

When you arrive for your appointment, we will review your medical history and ask about any dental treatments you’ve received recently. We’ll check your teeth for any signs of infection, as well as the presence of any existing restorations that you have had placed in the past.

Your smile is our first impression, and the way your teeth look can really impact how you feel about yourself. That’s why we want to make sure your smile is as bright as possible and looks its very best.

We are proud to offer several safe, effective and affordable whitening options for you and your family! The whitening process can be as simple as taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to visit us at our Sarasota office or as complex as a custom whitening kit that you use at home.

If you want to see dramatic, lasting results, our teeth whitening services are the best choice. We will take a mold of your teeth, and you’ll receive a whitening kit that contains a whitening gel and custom-fitted trays.

Unlike store-bought whitening kits, our custom trays will be crafted to perfectly fit your teeth and allow the whitening solution to reach every crevice of your teeth for maximum effect. The trays will be worn for about an hour, and the whitening gel will gradually lighten your teeth until they are as bright as you desire!

A great smile is a true beauty asset, and we’re excited to help you get yours. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!